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The events of a native's life can be known from the positions of planets in the horoscope. They are generally…
The coordination between people is required to work together and live together. This coordination depends on the nature of the…
Time is a precious commodity of human life. It is a general concept. The in-depth properties of TIME suit people…
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August 20, 2016
(Dr PVB subrahmanyam) As expressed earlier a different aspect is presented in this chapter. It’s an endeavor to make a…
August 20, 2016
(Dr PVB subrahmanyam) Three stages of deed and its array formation gave birth to the theory or concept of rebirth.…
August 20, 2016
(Dr PVB subrahmanyam) Deed is the genesis of all living and non living beings. It makes things happen. People believe…
From the desk of editor
Planets affect the life or not, planets influence living beings or not, weather Astrology has any scientific value or not but the known fact to all is that they are used to know the future and it is well known that barring BHARATIYA JYOTISHAM there is no scientific method available to peep into the future. Discussion is not the smart thing at this point of time but the smartest thing is to know and plan the future with suitable and available methods. It will allow us to save precious time. The only method, since time immemorial, available for this purpose is Predictive Astrology also known as Bharatiya Jyotisham. "Design the future - Discuss the methods - Discover the facts"
Dr Subrahmanyam Pidaparti
Amateur Advisor to BJMPL